(Rush Creek)
By Terry Seigler

When zinc was discovered in Arkansas along the banks of Rush Creek, the town of Rush sprang up overnight. By 1900, two thousand people dreamed of a better life while coaxing rich, zinc ore from the Ozark mountains. One such dreamer was Mike Gilbert. As a young man of twenty, Mike travels to Rush only two counties away from the family farm in Kingston. Upon arriving, he soon learns that dreams and reality are opposite sides of a coin. While he struggles to build a life, he gives his heart to a girl whose father stands between them. He battles a jealous bootlegger and loses a friend to the swollen waters of the Buffalo River. When store owner, Rosie Kirk, gives Mike a share in the mine she owns, Mike must juggle emotions of anger and heartbreak while living the back-breaking life as a miner. Through failures and success, Mike Gilbert becomes a man along the banks of Rush Creek.

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Rush Creek
By Terry Seigler

The year is 1900 and Kingston, Arkansas is not big enough for the dreams of twenty-year-old Mike Gilbert. He makes the difficult decision to leave the family farm and travels to the bustling mining town of Rush. With only his faith, a few dollars in his pocket and pure determination, he manages a meager life. Mike quickly forms friendships, but when he begins a relationship with a girl named Pam, he draws the attention of a jealous and dangerous bootlegger. Faced with an unexpected opportunity, Mike makes a decision that will forever alter his life and the lives of those around him. That decision will test him to his limits and pit him against his faith, a murderous enemy and the raging waters of the Buffalo River.

This award-winning story takes you on a journey through the beautiful Ozark hills of Arkansas. Although the story is fictional, the mining town of Rush once thrived along the banks of the Buffalo National River. Today, a few tattered buildings still remain as reminders of a rich, historical past.

Rush Creek By Terry Seigler Book Back
Rush Creek By Terry Seigler Book
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About The Author

Terry Seigler

I live in NW Arkansas and have for the past thirty-five years. I'm a jeweler by trade, but when I'm not at my workbench, I'm gardening, spending time on the Buffalo River in a canoe loaded with camping gear, or at my computer writing. Restless with my work, I began writing stories as another creative outlet. I love writing historical fiction wrapped around real events or real places. Rush Arkansas is one such real place. The town dwindled almost as fast as it sprung up around the turn of the century. Now, all that's left are a few old buildings and mine openings with bars across them to prevent entry. I'm currently working on a sequel to Rush Creek that will be out within a year and I hope to write other stories that take place in the area and in my home state of Arkansas. I've written three other novellas that I plan to expand into full-length novels.